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CAT Founder

In the era of globalization and modernization as it is today, investments are highly in demand by the community in order to achieve financial success. But what is often debated is what investment instruments are the best and safest. Paper investment is one type of investment that is starting to be glimpsed by the people of Indonesia, be it stocks, currencies, or commodity futures contracts. As a country with a high number of middle-class society, it is a trend for some to make trading a lifestyle.

Meanwhile, others argue that trading is an investment instrument with a high level of risk. I do not agree with this paradigm as risks will always exist in the world of investment and business, but a good ability to understand and analyze the instruments used will reduce and minimize the risks that may occur. This is the reason I founded PT Astronacci International in 2009.

Astronacci is a market analysis trading method that combines the science of ancient Astrology and Fibonacci ratios that are able to predict the exact TIME of the price movements that I have found. Astronacci can answer the questions of traders and investors on the time it takes to reach target prices of stocks, currencies, and commodities that they own. In addition to this, Astronacci serves as a bridge that connects and complements the science of analysis, both Fundamental and Technical (Classical and Modern).

When I founded Astronacci, I realized how important it was to develop and share this knowledge. Many people ask why I want to share this "holy grail". For me, the knowledge I get is a gift from God that is also given along with the responsibility to share it. Due to this, I also founded CAT Institute which is useful as a place for learning for those who want to be more serious in exploring trade and want to achieve international standard proficiency.

CAT Institute has a CAT program (Chartered Astronacci Trader) which is a certification program and an intensive class over the course of 12 months. It is expected that candidates would become professional traders and fund managers who are able to manage investment funds successfully. We believe that CAT Institute can act as a vehicle for investors to achieve their dreams, namely financial success.

Enjoy your trip with the CAT Institute, God bless. With this background, Astronacci International has created an educational program called the CAT (Chartered Astronacci Trader), through the educational division of Astronacci International since 2009. The CAT Program aims to provide a comprehensive and thorough education for everyone who wants to do business in the financial market and for traders who want to be professional traders with profit growth performance that remains consistent over time.


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