Schedule CAT Program


Batch opening will be done 3 times each year. The journey will begin as soon as the candidate registers for pre-test to get the invitation as CAT Candidate in the batch that will run. Afterwards, the candidates will begin their full journey to become a billionaire. Candidates in each batch will have new friend relations and new communities from various cities in Indonesia, and even various countries.


After the candidates have mastered all the material contained in the 3 levels, it is time for candidates to create a thesis and take the final examination at the end of the school year. CAT final exam program in the form of:

Written Test

Oral Test



Graduation is the moment that all traders look forward to on the CAT Program. After a 12-month journey through rigorous education at the CAT Program, undergoing the creation of a thesis and final examinations, finally the candidates are declared qualified and entitled to receive a certificate. As the owner of a CAT certificate (CAT holder), everyone has the right to use a CAT title behind their names. CAT certificates are recognized and endorsed by AAFM (American Academy of Financial Management).