Examination CAT Events

CATChartered Astronacci Trader Trader is an exclusive education program of PT Astronacci International that educates students for 12 months to become professional traders and other financial market practitioners.

This program consists of online and offline class learning which makes it easier for participants from various regions to learn together through live streaming. This learning method can help candidates to participate actively in the question and answer session in class so that interactions between students and teachers can be well established.

The journey to receive the certification and degree from the CAT program is not easy, participants must undergo the 1-year learning phase and do the assignments given either before or after class or in the form of assessment first and be declared passed by the examiner.

On April 24th, 2018 , Chartered Astronacci Trader Conducted oral tests on CAT Batch XIV and XV. The tension of the faces of the students before taking the interview was shown clearly, they were waiting their turn to face the examiners by continuously opening the notebook and watching the video again.

Until his name was called, tension began to peak as shown in his face, we also prayed that the test runs smoothly and in accordance with Amin's expectations.

CAT Institute is very appreciative and grateful for the spirit that continues to be maintained until the end of the study period. Together we accompany their journey from the beginning to the current stage and now it’s time for Batch XIV and XV to carry out their written examinations. Good luck.

Good Luck